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Your future self, enjoying your garden and living space starts with a solid framework that’ll stand the test of time

“The glory of the garden lies in more than meets the eye.”

Rudyard Kipling

When you plan your garden, and indeed rooms in your house, you think about how you’ll use the space:


What do you plan to do in your garden? Do you want areas where you can sit, relax and entertain? Do you have pets? Do you need shelter? Do you need areas of privacy? Do you need a place to work?


What practical issues do you need to consider? For example how to reduce noise pollution, redirect flows of water and even a need for shade.


How much maintenance are you willing to put in? Do you have the time and the knowledge to maintain a garden? Or would a low maintenance garden best suit your needs?


Of course, planning is the first step. Turning your plan into reality is requires a different set of skills.


Here's where I can help.

My name is Dan Wells, and I've twenty+ years of experience working as an architectural landscaper and a building and construction specialist

My company, Intrinsic Spaces can provide the framework upon which you can turn your vision, or your garden designer’s/architect’s plans into a reality.

Work with me, and I'll help you to:


Along the way, I can help you overcome problems such as:

  • Project management and costing

  • How to plan around drainage and utilities

  • What to do with areas where the grass is poor

  • How to implement walkways to prevent people traipsing mud around your home 

  • How to implement safety measures such as strategic lighting

Intrinsic Spaces can help with Project Management and Costing
Intrinsic Spaces can help realise complex domestic building projects
Intrinsic Spaces can help build a framework that'll contribute to your garden's usefulness


Construction has always been part of my life. I was born and brought up on a farm. Here I learnt how to maintain buildings and machinery from an early age.

What's more, I developed a love of outdoor life.

After college, I went down various routes, including learning to fly aircraft and hot air balloons. I also worked in technical sales and marketing.  

But I always knew I wanted to do something independent and creative.

So, for a number of years I worked in family owned building companies. These provided an outlet for my creative, practical, and engineering skills.

I specialised in both modern and traditional new builds.  In particular, I enjoyed creating spaces that look like they evolved naturally, because they were in harmony with their surroundings.

That was over twenty years ago. And today, not only do I run a successful architectural landscaping and building firm, but I've also built my own house in the beautiful Sussex countryside.

Have a garden plan in mind, but need help building a framework that's outside a traditional gardener’s skill set? Or need a domestic builder?


Let’s talk. And I’ll tell you all you need to know about hard landscaping, domestic building and managing your project.

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intrinsic spaces

Transform architect’s and garden designer’s domestic and garden plans into reality.