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Here’s how I help you to keep your hard landscaping and building projects on time and budget and mitigate any problems that arise

When you embark on a construction project, you'll need to know when you can expect to start, how long it will take, how much disruption you'll need to prepare for, what access you'll lose from your property and how much you can expect to pay for it.

Be confident your building project is under control

Hire me to construct the architectural features in your garden design:

Contractors will turn up when they're meant to turn up

You won't pay for wasted time

Your job will complete within your agreed timescales

Keep an eye on costs

Your project will start with a detailed discussion. From this I’ll put together a realistic and fully costed work agreement. It will detail:

The scope or work and detailed inclusions/exclusions

Your project's duration

Payment schedules

Details of any warranties

You can delegate as much project management as you need. What’s more, I can work with you on existing and new build projects.

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